Buy a bulk ticket, get big discounts!

Buy a bulk ticket for NEXON Academy training that you can load up with a variable number of credits. In this way you can prepare to pay for the training necessary for your employees throughout the entire year in a flexible fashion. By using pre-paid NEXON training credits to pay for your organization’s labor, payroll, social security, financial and legal training courses, as well as NEXON product-specific training, it is easy to plan for and schedule your training needs. And though using NEXON’s bulk ticket option, you also get great discounts!

The advantages of our pre-paid tickets are:

  • You can count on a fixed training budget for the year, with flexible conditions.
  • You can arrange the amount of pre-paid credits according to your training needs.
  • By ordering at least 250 NEXON-credist, you get significant discounts on our prices.
  • Our prepaid tickets are allocated to the purchasing organization, so any of your employees – even multiple employees at the same time -  can participate at any training course.
  • The NEXON-credits can be used within a 12 month period after purchase, to pay for any training course or Conference event organized by NEXON Academy.
  • The bulk ticket balance may be increased at any time.


The value of 1 NEXON-credit is 1000 HUF + VAT.
Depending on the number of prepaid credits the discounts are:

Paid NEXON Credit Allowance Amont of minimum allowance
1-249 pc 0% -
250-499 pc 15% 250 000 HUF valued training for
212 500 HUF
500-749 pc 20% 500 000 HUF valued training for
400 000 HUF
750 pc or more 25% 750 000 HUF valued training for
562 500 HUF

Additional information:

  • The prepaid tickets do not cover the costs of meals. If a training course includes provision of meals and the participant takes the meal, the cost of the meal will be charged separately.

  • The contact person identified for each bulk ticket account is informed monthly about the balance of NEXON-credits free to be used and about our announced training schedule.

  • The pre-paid credits can be used within 12 months of purchase.

  • When you register for a training course or other eligable NEXON Academy event, you are kindly requested to enter into the “Remarks” field that the event will be paid for with credits. In this case no invoice is issued, as the bulk ticket purchase will already have been invoiced.

How can you purchase a bulk ticket for NEXON Academy?

  • Fill in the order form found on our online system.

  • The invoice will be sent by post or email following the order.

Please contact us to make sure that you too get your discounts!

AIf you have any questions regarding the purchase or use of NEXON-credits, please contact Ms. Csilla Cselőtei: phone 361-465-5151 or via email