The NEXON Chair of the Kodolányi János University Cultural Sciences announces the following majors:


Specialist in HR Business Organization

Human Resources Bachelor degree


These education courses are organized under the cooperative agreement between NEXON and the University, with the advantage that in parallel with their studies students can also obtain practical experience that is advantageous in the employment market.


Among other topics, students will discover:

  • domestic and international best practice in inter-personal politics as well as human resource management strategies
  • the most up-to-date measurement, analysis and evaluation methodologies used globally and within industries
  • the most comprehensive theoretical and methodological questions of human resource management and resource development
  • effective methods for business development, talent management  and career counselling.


Qualification period:

  • Specialist in HR Business Organization major: 2 semesters
  • Human Management Bachelor degree: 7 semesters


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