The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect within the Hungarian legal system as of May 25, 2018.

The purpose of this regulation is to protect the personal data of individuals residing within the EU in a uniform and cross-border manner. In general, it tightens the data management rules: expands people's privacy rights and the obligations of companies.

It will be strictly enforced, and serious penalties will be imposed upon those who are fail to comply with the new regulations.

NEXON – as  an IT product developer and HR service provider -  is preparing to comply with GDPR in its roles as a data controller and responsible data processor.

Compliance with the data protection requirements imposed by GDPR is a major focus for NEXON during the development of our HR applications and HR services, in particular with regard to:

  • the principles of legality, fairness, accountability  and transparency ;
  • the principle of economy of data retention;
  • the principle of accuracy;
  • the protection of the integrity and confidentiality of personal data, ensuring of data
  • security, and the prevention of data security incidents;
  • the ability for those employees who are registered users to look at their own recorded
  • personal data;
  • the principle of storage limitation, that is providing the right to be forgotten (right to
  • erasure) on a database level.

Compliance with the new GDPR regulation is a mess for many organisations. For us, it is an opportunity.

We already have a solution that promotes transparency in the HR area. Our goal is to make our partners also able to succeed in meeting the challenges of the EU regulation through  our own compliance. Thats why  we are making all of our solutions GDPR Ready.


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